Tim Gander has a BEd degree in physical education and geography and an MEd degree in e-learning.  His dissertation was concerned with the use of technology in training teachers - since then he has been focussing on integrating the use of technology into the curriculum and other aspects of school life, enabling students to be lifelong learners.  He is passionate about his job and enjoys the day to day challenge of teaching a wide range of abilities and ages and always strives for a perfect lesson (if there is such a thing)!! Through teaching PE and integrating technology effectively into this diverse subject area Tim is confident that he has the scope to assist others in implementing the tools we have available to engage the learners of today.  Tim is an authorised Google Education Trainer. He is was a finalist for the 'Interface Magazine most Innovative use of ICT' award and has been selected for an e-learning fellowship with CORE Education.

Dr. Sandy Britain is an enterprise architect and systems thinker with a strong background and special interest in e-learning and the impact of digital technology on the organization of education. An enduring theme of his work is that all organisations (including schools, universities and ministries of education) can usefully be modeled as complex systems in order to diagnose problem areas and design better alternatives. ICT offers powerful opportunities for the re-design of education at all levels.

Sandy is a published author and key-note speaker in the field of e-learning. He has undertaken a variety of roles including software developer, project manager, researcher, implementer and government advisor

Sandy’s CV [link] outlines his experience in more detail and provides a selected list of publications