Through using the form, Tim ensures that all PD sessions are tailored specifically to the needs of the learners, staff or students.  Through experience Tim knows that people learn best by doing, therefore all sessions have 'hands on elements' to encourage participants to walk away with something relevant and new that they can continue in their own time.

Tim works on the principle that technology should enhance good teaching, rather than replace it and he looks forward to showing you tools which you can use to engage and enhance the learners and learning in your school.

Select from this range of presentations and hands on workshops, or allow Tim to tailor a package that would suit the needs of your staff and students.  Most schools book in one or two sessions a term.

Google Apps for Education Presentations

  • Collaborative features of Google Drive
  • Using Google forms for teaching and learning
  • Creating Google sites for class and curriculum
  • Organise and manage folders to improve workflow and efficiency
  • Using Google Calendar to increase productivity
  • Blogging with students

General E-learning Presentations

  • The paperless classroom
  • Digital citizenship, guidelines and fine lines
  • Personalise learning by flipping your class
  • Collaboration between and within schools, maximising the potential of e-learning
  • Digital literacy in the 21st Century
  • Developing a professional learning network
  • Using mobile devices to support teaching and learning
  • Widen your knowledge with Twitter and social networking
  • Content curation for fresh ideas and inspiration

Student talks and assemblies

  • Don't let location limit learning
  • Using modern tools for better results (organising study and revision for NCEA)